“Economic development, job training, and improved community appearance are some of the changes I hope will result.”…. “Would like to see this community grow and thrive without drugs or violence”…. “We need more health foods.”   (Quotes from community survey)

Residents of the Driskell Heights and Powells neighborhoods, in northeast Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida respectively, are filled with hope and excitement for Evans Center!  This economic development project officially opened on March 9, 2019 and is a cornerstone for job-opening-vector-illustration_k25883681community revitalization. Located on the site of the historic Evans Supermarket, Evans Center serves this community just as the market once did, with easily accessible, healthy, fairly priced foods.  Classrooms at Evans Center will be used for job training for neighborhood youth.  Evans Center also hosts a health clinic and wellness programs.  Click the floor plan to learn more, and check our Job Openings page for information on newly posted, available positions.